sou -
school of architecture
for children

Categories interior design, green design

Here’s the new SOU main classroom at Farm Cultural Park in Favara (Sicily). SOU is a very extraordinary project, committed to share with kids the love for beauty and design as a medium to trigger social changes.

We redesigned the space in connection with the exhibition  What is Co-Dividuality curated by S.J. Liotta and Fabienne Louyot of LAPS Architecture studio (Paris).

The exhibition explores the concept of shared houses and the redefinition of public and private spaces in Japan, with every room in the building investigating a different project.

With our flying plants (mostly Scindapsus, Aeschynanthus and Monstera Deliciosa), hanging from the roof almost weightless, we paid homage to Sou Fujimoto and his belief that architecture has to be “roofless and garden-like”.

Little houses designed by S.J. Liotta, amazing “Terra cruda” raw soil wall covering made by Guglielmino Cooperativa.

Pics by Nadia Castronovo and us.



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