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Mino is a vase, a ready-made object that once was a construction brick. Above all, Mino is a great story, a story about cycles, endings and new starts. A story made of creativity and imagination, of new forms for old skills.

Our story begins on the slope of mt.Etna (Catania, Sicily), where GUGLIELMINO’s family kilns crank out bricks non-stop for three generations. Industrial and community development go on together for more than a century, until a sudden stop occurs few years ago.

What seemed as an ending —one of many in a changing manufacturing world— was instead a new beginning: an old and heavy industry turns into a company devoted to green building materials. From these old kilns, now turned off and cold, Guglielmino company today produces raw soil wall coverings, lemon-scented plasters, and paintings from crumbled bricks.

What we are using in this project is the last ever bricks stock produced by Guglielmino’s kilns, the last order prepared and then forgotten among weeds and old machinery covered with dust. The raw surface of every brick, spotted by ageing, become the canvas where to lay sinuous signs —like crawling nature that slowly covers it all— and natural-coloured coating, connecting past and present of the company.

Mino is a vase, is a brick and a story. Lastly, Mino is a homage that we pay, a homage not to what it has been, but to a past to tap into so new solutions can flourish and born again into unexpected forms.


For each vase we used a brick, cleaning and then painting it with indian ink and colors from pigments and natural binders. Our aim was to use only pre-existing industrial materials, so we looked for some test tubes whose diameter coincides with the bricks top holes, using also the cork stopper as support of the vase itself, after cutting it in slices.

Each piece is unique, both for colors and shapes created by us, and for the colors and shapes that time engraved on the brick.

Past and present, industrial and artisan, human and natural traces duet in every Mino.




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