LAND-La nuova dogana

Categories art direction, logo design, graphic design, branding

3° prize winner project for SICILIA FELICISSIMA 2018

Welcome to LAND-La Nuova Dogana, a new multifunctional centre located in the harbour of Catania (Sicily).

LAND is the redevelopment  project of an historical building, the port old custom-house, a huge space that, once finished, will include a public indoor square, a restaurant, a cafeteria, a club, concerts and theatre spaces, an art gallery, and more.

These old walls carry some special meanings, being the building the main access to the port area from the city centre and the first place that the tourist runs into after landing; here, the sea and the city come together and discover each other.

LAND consists of eight main spaces, each one with its own use, personality and schedule: being easily recognisable is essential—both on signage/wayfinding and communication/advertising—as much as to refer to a common visual identity.

Our solution was to assign a specific colour and a different slice of a circle to each one of them, all together forming the LAND logo: eight different spaces under one roof, eight parts of a single but diversified identity.

In this manner, that same colour is used for communication and as a recurring feature in the corresponding area (ie as wall-painting or furniture details).

Two more signs complete the visual system: the waves and the arches, references to the two main entrances of the building: the one on the waterfront, and the one on the Archi (an elevated railway arcade), a well-known landmark in town.

LAND is a project involving a multitude of businesses and activities, meaning that many different creatives will work independently. Our fluid system provides a cohesive vocabulary that at the same time allows freedom of interpretation for new and various purposes, like illustrations, patterns or decorations. Remixing and reinventing its elements is strongly encouraged .



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