La caffetteria di land

Categories interior design, green design, plants and pots styling, logo design, wall painting

La Caffetteria di LAND is a cozy cafè at LAND-La Nuova Dogana, a multifunctional space located at the port of Catania. 

Here, in collaboration with Umberto Sciascia & Giuseppe Costanza Architects, we designed the space using mostly natural materials, like the fascinating “Terra Cruda Sicilia” (raw soil and hay) and “Cocciopesto” (opus signinum) wall coverings made by Guglielmino Cooperativa.

A wood and steel structure hosts a lush hanging garden, made of Philodendron brazil, Philodendron selloum, Scindapsus, Pachira acquatica and Rhypsalis pulchra, provided by Piante Faro. The garden is floating above a tailored wooden social table, paired with Zartan Raw chairs by Magis (designed by Philippe Stark and Eugeni Quitllet), made out of recycled polypropylene and wood fibre.

The backlit round mirror is in dialogue with the wall painting in the other room: this, is a representation of the near harbour water through its refractions and reflections. The natural element communicates with the raw soil onto the opposite wall, and the floating vegetation, recalling a small safe bay in which to land and find refreshment.

Every area of LAND is characterised by a specific color, used in way-finding and graphic communication; here the caffetteria vivid mint green is applied on the logo, on the artwork and on some details like the halogen light bulbs cables and the straw baskets decor.


made by Sélva | p.iva 01851130938