Plants fluctuating in a renewed classroom, forests on wall, and some jazz from the coldest land, here’s a selection of our work.

Mini gardens under glass, unique and full of life.

A young and gifted theatre company and their deeply personal show, rendered as a collage. 

An exploration about low fidelity as an instrument and mean of composition that reveals new informations.

Bright colors and dynamic forms give life to a fashion store at Le Marais.

A youg couple, a new home and two green balconies.

A story about cycles, endings and new starts.

A typographic decorated Christmas music compilation.

A renewed multifunctional center and its eight personalities, condensed in one brand identity.

Traces of natural elements printed on walls.

The cosiest landing in town. 

Improvised music made with breath and hands, someone call it jazz.

A roofless classroom for kids.

A birch forest on walls.

Designing a map for a treasure.

Warm jazz from cold Iceland.

Echoes from the cave.

India and Italy, back and forth on a branding redesign for a contract furniture company.

Tropical vibes delivered with unique packaging.

Every  day a track, every copy a different artwork.

En plein air exhibit.

Logo design, or how we convey the maximum using the minimum.

made by Sélva | p.iva 01851130938